2006.07.04 글쓴이 youknowit

Welcome to the Wonderland!

Please have a look at the following:

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  • Fancy Pants

    Thank you so much. As a foreigner living in Korea and being into tech many things have been difficult. I truly want Korea to be one of the leaders in the world when it comes to tech but so many of the practices by the government, large corporations and the general public will keep Korea from realizing that goal. Why doesn’t the Korean government realize that for Korea to lead it must allow Korea to be open to competition. This competition has so many benefits for the general public and Korea’s future in general.

    The problem I have found is that when I start talking to Koreans about this they start to look like deer in headlights. They either don’t understand or don’t care.

    • Chrisa

      Hi, Off topic I know, I am struggling to find any information about how ai would set up a secure site to be accessed from Korea.

      Although I realize this is not the direct aim of this site I wondered if there were any articles available which discuss necessary steps to provision a secure site to Korean users – coudl this use SSL or woudl this have to use the active-x plugin? If so what woudl teh server have to do?

      Many thanks and good luck

  • Anonymous


    A free and open world depends on a free and open web. The Internet has connected more than two billion people around the world. Some governments want to use a closed-door meeting in December to increase censorship and regulate the Internet. Join together to keep the Internet free and open.