MPs who proposed the Zombie PC Prevention Bill

2011.03.15 글쓴이 youknowit

As I discussed in my previous postings, the Zombie PC Prevention Bill is actually designed to introduce the following measures in the name of “promoting the use and propagation of security software”:

  • to impose a statutory duty on every citizen to install and to use security software pursuant to the Presidential Decree to be issued under the Act
  • to confer on the government department (Korea Communications Commission; KCC) the power to ban or to allow the business of those security solution providers which KCC chooses to ban or to allow according to certain criteria;
  • to make the security solution providers to focus on winning the favour of government officials (through lobbying) rather than winning the consumers in the market through competition and innovation of product quality;
  • to empower the KCC agents, without a warrant, to “examine the details of the business, records, documents and others” of anyone upon mere suspicion that the person (individual or company) has violated the duty to use security software.

The Bill, if enacted, would bring those in the security industry under the control of KCC. It is against free competition and market economy. It would hamper the innovation and technological development of domestic security industry. Most of all, it would fundamentally undermine the principle that governmental search and seizure of individual’s premises and affairs must be upon a warrant.

The Bill is currently pending in the Culture, Broadcast and Communications Committee (“CBCC”) of National Assembly. It is endorsed by the following Members of the National Assembly:

Name Political Party Electorate Home page Remarks
Han Seon Kyo Grand National Party Yong In City, Sooji District link member of CBCC
An Hong Joon Grand National Party Masan City, B link
Son Beom Kyu Grand National Party Goyang City, Deokyang A link Lawyer
Kim Tae Won Grand National Party Goyang City, Deokyang B link
Jeong Kap Yun Grand National Party Ulsan City, Central District link
Yoo Seong Yeup independent Jeong Eop City link formerly a senior government official
Lee In Ki Grand National Party Goryeong City link Lawyer
Go Seung Deok Grand National Party Seoul, Seocho District B link Lawyer
Kim Eul Dong Future Hope Solidarity Proportional Representation link member of CBCC
Kim Seong Dong Grand National Party Proportional Representation link member of CBCC
Kang Seung Kyu Grand National Party Seoul, Mapo District A link member of CBCC

Han Seon Kyo, MP, who is leading this Bill, is politely requested to disclose the names of those specialists in the industry or academia who have assisted in the preparation of this Bill. It would help the debate in a constructive manner to hear their detailed responses as to the need, if any, for such a Bill.

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